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Let's Enjoy Our Funny Fat Little Boats!

It's beginning to warm up and most of us are getting into the sailing mood once again. I certainly hope all will participate in your local sailing events this year with your Lido 14. Take a cruise around the harbor or down the end of a lake, just splash it! Get that great feeling back and why we all enjoy and love these funny fat little boats. They are about sailing with family, loved ones, and dear old friends. They are about bringing people together. Look around at your next sailing adventure and witness all those great smiles! So go sailing with your family or a friend and enjoy. Remember you may not go as fast as you like, but certainly cannot lose.


Road Trip Tips

Last summer seems like a distant memory as I look towards the coming spring and summer. The sun is out, and the Santana breezes are pushing the temps upwards making it feel like summer. If only the daylight hours matched the temperatures...

Butch reminded me of an informal boat park chat from Nationals up in Eugene and asked me to write about it. At first I totally forgot, but when he prompted me I recalled the chat, and how informal downtime at regattas is a key way to transfer experiences, knowledge, and increase the overall experience for all sailors at the event. We had lots of downtime waiting for the wind to come up so it was kinda like going to a boat show and drift from booth to booth sampling what people had to offer.


Super Bowl Regatta 2017

To say the Super bowl Regatta hosted by Santa Monica Windjammer YC is a "nice little regatta" would be quite an understatement. This regatta has grown to over 60 boats sailing on three separate courses, bay and ocean. A lot of management power was needed to pull this regatta together and all was handled beautifully by Regatta Chair Steve Potter and his team.



2017 Lido 14 National Class Championships

August 11 - 13, 2017

(with a Sat / Sun only option)

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