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Make Lido 14 Nationals Fun For The Whole Family!

Don't leave your kids behind to miss the fun in Eugene. Several families will be attending with children of varying ages. While racing, the kids will have supervised activities including sailing Zumas under a certified US Sailing instructor. Cost is $75 per child for 3 days.

Please contact Kerry Poe if your interested.

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Summer Twilights

Summer Twilights Series Are Here !

This is what you have been waiting for since last in September. Come test out the go-fast equipment you've been installing all winter.

Newport Harbor - Fleet 1                                        Alamitos Bay - Fleet

      BYC, Wednesdays                                                 ABYC, Thursdays

      5/11 - 9/14                                                              4/7 - 9/29


Fleet62 Lido Xmas Party 2
Earl Thomas, Absent From Fleet 62 Xmas Party, Now Fleet Captain
Whew! Another successful Christmas has come and gone.  We had plenty of cheer (and plenty of food!) this year with friends and family, and we hope you all enjoyed the same.  Keeping with tradition, Fleet 62 held its Christmas Party at the Navarra’s on Sunday, December 20th.  Rooms were overflowing with Lido, and ex-Lido folks catching up with each other and enjoying a fantastic potluck.


Oceanside's Bash in the Basin  -  Fleet 21 

The November Races, originally scheduled for 11-16, were bashed off the ramp by winds up to the low 30s with occasional sprays. A week later, the TAKE TWO replay was treated to Vacation Resort Brochure conditions, crystal clear sunshine, flat water, and delightful 6-8 knots that sent the fleet dancing. At the 12:00 signal, Leiton made his sailing debut, in Slippery When Wet, Steve Rhodes' rebuilt pony. Huck snagged a ride with Tim, in Don't Mess With Kitty.


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