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The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth

on Centerboard Gybe

The Lido class rules allow up to a 1/4” of gybe in the centerboard. What does that mean? Basically that the leading edge moves 1/4” from side to side more than the trailing edge of the board. Read more...


 (L-R) RoyWoolsey, with is classic floppy eared hat, and Christophe Killian at the 2007 Lido 14 Class Championships in Newport Beach.  Christophe won the 2013 Lido 14 Class Championships and is now (2016) the number one ranked match racing sailor in the United States.
Roy Woolsey Regatta - 2016
Lido Island Yacht Club
Several decades ago, when I was learning how to race the Lido 14, I found myself crossing paths on the race course with Roy Woolsey.  It took quite some effort to learn how to sail better than Roy and, when I did, it was both a happy moment - for having learned how to sail better - and sad to leave someone you were fond of behind.


Fleet 62 - Sunday's Redwood City Cruise Recap

Well, we had a great time on Sunday. The weather was perfect, a clear sky with a pretty good wind from the east all day. It was a good turnout of our regular Lido sailors. A special thanks to Bruce Prickett for arranging for our use of the Sequoia Yacht Club for the after-party.

We all assembled in the parking lot near the public launching ramp about 11 am, everyone was on time and ready to go. Josh was there with “Argo” and two friends Taylor and Alexis. They brought all types of refreshments and snacks for the sail, more than enough for a 2 hour trip. So he sailed with Alexis all day and they looked like there were having a good time as Josh was teaching her sailing.


2016 Dist2 Champs

District 2 Championships

On Saturday, September 24th , the District II Championship Regatta was held at Lake Washington Sailing Club, in West Sacramento.  PRO Dave Candey did a splendid job of organizing and running the races.  Because of the usual heat in the Sacramento area, the racing didn’t start until the scheduled time of 3:00 p.m., when the wind is at its best.


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