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 Lido 14 October News 
Hello all Lido Association Class Members. I'm going to try to bring back our monthly news broadcast through our web site.I have heard from many members without the Bow wave things are quite. So with the web site and the Lido14 class Association on Facebook we will try to get any information we can each month . If you have any questions you can contact me personally and I will do my best to help.
Your 2017-2018 Lido board consists of a great group of caring people that are volunteering their time to make our little fat boat a GREAT Class! If you would like to talk with one them, let me know and I will send contact info to you.
Vice President           Mike Shea 
Mike is new to the board this year, but I have known Mike for many years. He is a great asset to the board. One of Mike’s roles is to fill the slots for the 2019 & 2020 Lido Nationals venues. If your fleet would like to host a Class Championship please get ahold of Mike.
Treasury                       Kathy Sandifer
Class Secretary           John Papadoulus
Class chief Measure    Steve Schupak
Director                        Kerry Poe
Director                         Bruce Golison
Directors Kerry and Bruce are two gentlemen that are always trying to grow the Lido Class. If you have ideas or have something you would like to be brought up, contact either one of them. They are great guys to talk with!
Past President         Steve Klotz
Web Master            John Gresham
Then there is myself, I’m serving as your class President. I'm here for each and every one. My goal is to try to make this one of the best one design dingy classes around today !!
Here is my contact info: 
President                 Butch Michel 
209-480-1870          This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
If there is anything I can do or something you would like done differently with the class, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. 
This is a great group of folks that are giving their time to help. Your Fleet Captains, District Secretary, and Lido Board work together for the best interests of the Lido Association. 
I will get info out each month that comes up to share with you. Included monthly will be two months of events that will showcase important events. It’s therefore very important that we get our dates into the class calendar. Bruce Wasson handles the calendar.
Here are some dates with events for Oct. & Nov.
Oct. 14-15     Fall Invitational  MBYC
Oct. 21          Monster Mash Regatta MDR
Oct.28           Halloween Regatta   ABYC
Nov 4           Choc regatta
                     Sunkist Regatta #1  Newport Habour 
Nov 4           Lido de Luna  ABYC
Nov 12         Westlake turkey Regatta 
Nov 18-19    ABYC Turkey Regatta 
Thank you all for belonging to the Lido Association . We will continue to have fun with this great little boat that we all love !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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